Cancellation Policy

All cancellations by the Client must be in writing from the person who signed the booking form, by recorded delivery. Cancellation applies only from the date of receipt by Magic Valley of cancellation notification. Within this period, the following percentage will be payable as a cancellation charge by the client:

Package Tours ( Regular Group Tour )

Deposit non-refundable : 25 %
32 – 17  days prior to departure: 60 %
16  – 9 days prior to departure   : 70 %
8 – or less days prior to departure: 100 % no-show

Package Tours ( Private Tour )

Deposit non-refundable : 45 %
55 – 21 days prior to departure : 70 %
20 – or less days prior to departure : 100 % no-show

Daily Tours 

Deposit non-refundable : 30 %
2 – or less days prior to departure : 100 % no-show


The above cancellation charges represent the best possible estimate by Magic Valley of the likely losses as a result of your cancellation. They shall also apply to holidays, which are foreshortened, after they have been booked. In the event of a cancellation charge arising under this clause the amount due must be paid by the Client to the Magic Valley within 7 days of the charge arising, notwithstanding the fact the Client’s holiday insurance policy may cover the cancellation charge. It is the Client’s responsibility to claim any insurance monies due as Magic Valley cannot claim on behalf of the client.