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From: Brun
Subject: [your-subject]
Number of person :2/3
Arrival city :Efeso
Arrival date :10/05/2022
Departure city :Istambul
Departure date :25/05/2022
Accommodation type : Economic
What is your currency? :Brazilian Real
Which place’s you would like to visit ? :Efeso, Oludeniz, Saklikent Canyon, Antalia, Pamukkale, Capadocia, Istambul

Message Body:
Good morning, I'm planning a trip of approximately 15 days with my family, and most of the period we need transport between cities, hotels. Guides, only in a few, and it would need to be one who spoke Portuguese.
The script:
day 10.05, in Ephesus, with guide (for 2 people)
Day 11.05, we would only need the transport between Ephesus and Oludeniz. We accept hotel suggestions (both for 2 people)
Day 12.05, only transport from Oludeniz to Saklikent Canyon. We accept hotel suggestions (both for two people)
Day 13.05, only transport from Saklikent Canyon to Antalya (for two people)
Day 16.05, only transport from Antalya to Denizli. We accept referrals from hotels and companies for transport in Pamukkale (for three people)
Day 18.05, only transport from Denizli to Cappadocia. We accept hotel referrals (both for 3 people)
20th and 21st, guide in Cappadocia. We accept hotel referrals (both for 3 people)
Day 23, guide in Istanbul. We accept hotel referrals (both for 3 people)
We also accept packages that involve these cities, but we don't want guides at all times

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